Blouch's Landscaping Swimming Pool with Pavers

Our Design Process

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

  • Meet with the client at the site to discuss the scope of the work to be performed.
  • Discuss project phases, permitting, zoning, stormwater management and contractor coordination with the client.
  • We will spend time discussing realistic budget. It is an important component that must be addressed early in the design process. Our objective is to present a realistic, appealing design that meets the clients’ needs and expectations.
  • Review and discuss design fees. Design fees are charged hourly, and vary with the complexity of the project. Extra design time is necessary for custom features and construction documents. Examples of extra cost will include survey permit fees, architect or engineer design or consultation fees.
  • Finally, if the initial consultation meets your expectations, you will be given a quote for the design work. The design fee is required to move forward.

Step 2 – Site Survey & Preliminary Design

  • Measuring property and existing landscaping elements, taking photos, establishing grades and water runoff, obtaining site plan and GIS information to prepare accurate design drawings.
  • Creating either 2D or 3D design drawings and or renderings for the next meeting.
  • Preparing estimate and project budgets based on the design.

Step 3 – Design Refinements & Construction Proposal

  • Meet to review and discuss design and estimated budgets.
  • After the preliminary design presentation, make any necessary design revisions and cost adjustments, if necessary, based on your feedback.
  • **If required, another meeting will include a review of the revised design and a written estimate for the services to complete the proposed design. Final revisions should be made at this time.**

  • At this time a contract for services may be signed, a one-third deposit is made to reserve your spot in our construction schedule, and we will schedule your project.

Step 4 – Construction & Project Management

  • Scheduling, ordering materials (which may require meeting at suppliers to select materials) and installing the project, weather permitting.
  • Coordinating with all participating contractors to complete the project in a timely manner.
  • Progress payments are made throughout the construction process and are based on the total project cost and time frame to complete the project. The remainder of the balance is due upon completion.

Step 5 – Project Completion

  • Once construction is completed, a final review will be conducted to ensure your satisfaction with the end result. Care and warranties will be reviewed at this time.
  • The remainder of the balance is due upon completion of the project.
  • Some projects we may request to take professional photography of project.